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UNITED KINGDOM  (Contact Rev. Len Grates - email:

Friday, 19th May  Arrive in London

Saturday, 20th May  Drive to Southampton for ICEJ Conference - speaking at two sessions (morning and afternoon). Subject to include “Israel at 75.”

Hosts: Mark & Anne Starbuck, Pastor of Millbrook CC and UK ICEJ director.

Sunday, 21st May  Speaking at Cornerstone Christian Centre, Oxford 10.30 am

Pastor Phil Herklots will host.

Young adults at Grate’s home at 5pm. "Why do we need to support Israel?"

Monday, 22nd May  7pm AOG Israel Forum leaders on Zoom. Phil Herklots, Mark Starbuck and Brian Greenaway (MAOZ) hosting.

Tuesday, 23rd May   7.30pm meeting with Oxford Israel Prayer group/Cornerstone Church.

Wednesday, 24th May   Travel to Birmingham - Lunch time leaders’ meeting "Israel - Prophecy Fulfilled" - how the church should relate to Israel.
7.30 pm open meeting - "What is the One New Man?" 

Thursday, 25th May  Travel to Buxton with Pastor David Elms for the Peak District - lunchtime church leaders meeting. Travel to Liverpool.


(Contact: Rev. Brian Silvester - Email:


Friday and Saturday, May 26 – 27   Conference  with the theme  “Israel at 75” 

There will be three sessions. One on Friday evening and two on Saturday.


Sunday, May 28  Two church services on Sunday morning and evening also informal meetings with pastors.


Monday, 29th May   Fly from Belfast to Heathrow to Israel. Arrive at 10 pm.

FINLAND  (Contact Pirjo Karttunen - Email: pirjokarttunen@gmail)


Fly from Israel to Helsinki very early morning on Thursday, June 1. Andrey Teplinsky will accompany (Andrey will return to Israel on June 5).




Friday, June 2 Järvenpää

18.00 Järvenpää Arkki

Peter Tsukahira, session + short introduction of Andrei Teplinsky


Saturday, June 3 Järvenpää full Gospel church

11.00 -12.30  Lunch with the pastor

13.00 -14.00  Peter Tsukahira

Coffee break

15.30-16.30   Peter Tsukahira


Sunday, June 4 Järvenpää Arkki

13.00 Andrey Teplinsky, session

14.00  Peter Tsukahira, session

16.00  Peter Tsukahira, church service EQUIP in Finnish language book publishing event.


Monday, June 5. Tampere Free Evangelical Church

17.00 Peter Tsukahira, session

20.00  Peter Tsukahira, session


Tuesday, June 6 – Schedule to be decided


ICEJ speaking tour (Contact: Sarita Hokkanen - E-mail:

Wednesday, June 7. Orimattilan Full Gospel Church

18.00  Peter Tsukahira, session


Thursday, June 8  Helsinki Video teaching recordings at the hotel during daytime

Lohja at 18:30 Service at Pentecostal Church


Friday, June 9  Jyväskylä at 19:00 Fire Soul Conference for young people in Kiponniemi


Saturday, June 10  Lappeenranta at 15:00 Pentecostal Church

ICEJ event ’Aliyah Day’

The event starts at 11:00, but you will have a chance to rest, and Jani will pick you up from the hotel in the afternoon.

Lappeenranta at 18:00 Pentecostal Church

ICEJ event ’Aliyah Day’


Sunday, June 11 Lappeenranta at 11:00 Pentecostal Church

Sunday service

Monday, June 12 Depart Vantaa International Airport at 19:00 (Arrive Ben Gurion at 23:55)

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