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EQUIP - Marketplace Discipleship

Using EQUIP to make disciples in the marketplace. This is an online group from Singapore, Perth, Frankfurt and Hawaii led by Joyce Seow.
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  Here's a playlist of short videos to help your study. Scan or click . 

Interview with Benny Ho 

Senior Pastor of Faith Community Church in Perth, Australia. We're talking about EQUIP and a new approach to marketplace discipleship.

Grow Your Vision

EQUIP translation projects are continuing around the world! Here are books that are in print today and how to order them.

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Simplified Chinese Characters
Contact: Bible Society of Singapore
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Traditional Chinese Characters

Winifred Yeh 葉淑汶

VP, Program Department 

& International Department

GOOD TV Broadcasting Corp.

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EQUIP Mongolian Cover.jpg
Contact: EQUIP Mongolia

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EQUIP Finnish Cover Picture.jpg
Contact: Päiva Osakeyhtiö

Sairaalankatu 5-7, 33100 TAMPERE

Contact: Jacob Keegstra

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EQUIP Russian - Book Cover.jpg

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EQUIP Thai Cover.jpg
Contact: Sukanya Uerchuchai at Scripture Union

Thai Translators EQUIP 2024
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