Peter’s books have impacted many around the world with an understanding of God’s purposes for the Kingdom of God

New Book!

EQUIP - Your Personal Journey to the Kingdom

Thank you for your prayers - my new book should be published digitally on Amazon by April 2021!

New Translation

Culture of the Kingdom is now available in the Russian language!

I'm standing in the photo with translator Dr. Vladimir Tsapar also one of the pastors at Carmel Congregation. We're glad to offer this book to the Russian-speaking world. It is available as a digital download through Amazon now.

God's Tsunami

Culture of the Kingdom

My Father's Business

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God's Tsunami tells the story of Israel's significance to the end-time church and how this revelation impacts God's plan for the nations.  This best-selling book has now been translated into more than 25 languages and continues to connect modern Israel with biblical Israel for Christians around the world.

Culture of the Kingdom begins with the author's journey from the American "hippie" counter-culture of the 1960s into the Kingdom of God.  It is about spiritual discoveries he made along the way and includes a deep and clear insight into the nature of God's kingdom and the essential balance of law and grace.

My Father's Business is one of the books that defined the "marketplace movement" of today. The story was born out of years spent by the author serving concurrently in ministry and business.  It explains how Christians can connect both of those worlds and be spiritually fruitful in their God-given gifting and calling.

God's Tsunami - Translated and available in the Thai language.

God's Tsunami, My Father's Business and Culture of the Kingdom - Translated and available in the Burmese language.