A radical approach to discipleship in the 21st Century.

The Elijah Training Institute (ETI) is a modular training experience that equips marketplace believers for spiritual fruitfulness, influence through their vocations and rewarding lives.

The Kingdom of God is composed of people of faith who are bound to Jesus, the King by covenant and who produce good works in their lives.Discipleship may be roughly divided into two categories: Socks and Shoes. Everybody needs socks and basically one size fits all. This describes the entry-level discipleship that every believer needs: Who is God? What are the Scriptures? How to worship and pray. How to begin living a holy life. However, you don't even send your children to school in just socks. They need shoes. All people need different shoes depending on what kind of work or play they are going to be doing. The shoes kind of discipleship is vocation oriented and intended to help all believers find their personal calling and to become effective as followers of Jesus in it.

This need for believers everywhere to put on their shoes is the reason for the Elijah Training Institute.